House of Cards Fans Are Blaming Anthony Rapp for the Consequences of Kevin Spacey’s Actions


The actor who sparked Kevin Spacey’s public downfall with an accusation of sexual misconduct last month has shared some of the negative comments he’s been receiving on social media.

Rapp, who currently stars on the TV show Star Trek: Discovery, said that since telling his story he’s mostly received words of support, but he’s also been hit with some negative tweets and Instagram messages that ‘just boggle my mind’.

Rapp’s well-wishes are particularly poignant after a handful of angry House of Cards fans harassed him for “ruining” their favorite show, as well as blaming him for the demise of Spacey’s career. Some fans chastised him for not waiting until after the show’s series finale before coming forward. Others blamed him for “cast and crew who now need to find new jobs to feed their families and pay their bills.”

Rapp shared several of the hateful messages he received on Twitter last week:

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