Hungary Pulls Out Of Eurovision Song Contest Because It’s “Too Gay”


Hungary has, reportedly, pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest because of a speculation that the competition has become “too gay” for the country’s right-wing movement. And while the country’s state broadcaster has not given an official reason for withdrawing from the competition, it follows the launch of “measures” taken by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his government that encourage traditional family values and to boost birth rates.

Orban said that his actions will ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation.

A source inside the state-owned MTVA told The Guardian that positive coverage of LGBT+ rights at the broadcaster was discouraged, and they were “not surprised” by the decision.
EU chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt tweeted out that Hungary’s decision was “an attack on the European way of life and it has to stop”.


In a response to Mr. Verhofstadt’s tweet, local media reported that the reason for the country’s withdrawal from the song contest is because Eurovision is “too gay” – a claim refuted by a government spokesperson.

Mr. Orban has been previously accused of being an autocratic leader who has taken steps to increase his power and curb civil liberties, as well as of restricting the freedom of speech in the country.



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