Want To Test An Inclusive Family Book App (Free)?


Let your kid become the star of a book!

Gender and/or ethnicity shouldn’t matter. Books should be for everyone and for all families.

Soon they will be thanks to Story Time and we  are offering you a chance to try it out before everyone else, free.

Representation is so important. Especially for kids. To be able to feel part of this world – and to be able to see the diversity in it.

For Elina and her sister Felicia this has been the primary focus while developing the Story Time app, an interactive book app for kids 0-6 years. What makes it stand out from other interactive book apps on the market is that you can choose your family and the book reflects your choices and lets your kid become the star of your own book.

Multiple characters and options exist for you to choose from, you fill in names, family configuration with a single parent or multiple parents, two moms, two dads…Different ethnicity? No problem. Only you decide what your family looks like, says Elina.

She sew her own book:

Two and a half years ago Elina and her wife had their daughter. She was the results of years of hope and struggle – the same struggle many parents go through before they see their kid for the first time.

Not everyone has the luck of succeeding at first try. It took about four years of planning and trying. We are so lucky to have her in our life. She is such a blessing. And she loves to read so she is the reason we had the idea in the first place, says Elina.

They had a hard time finding representative literature about everyday life.

Most of the books out there about life at preschool, doctors visits, having a sibling and other important events in a kids life are focused on a mum, a dad, and a kid. The literature for kids in other types of families – or with different ethnicities – is so much more limited.

It started out with her sister Felicia actually making a book from scratch. She is a graphic design artist so she modeled the landscapes and characters in 3D, then printed them on thick paper and sew together a book. Then another aunt also made a book, but a digital one. And Elina thought, why not make a book app where you can choose the characters in the books so it works for everyone – no matter the gender or ethnicity of the family members?

Programming on spare time:

I work as a tech reviewer so I had some insight into the world of programming and that got me buying a book on C# some years ago. Then – when I had my daughter – it evolved into creating apps for her on my spare time. And now this project, says Elina.

Currently a beta of the app is ready. There will be two books in it, one picture book and one book for toddlers and young kids. They are also working on six more books for kids in different ages to be in the final app release, and the contained library will grow. They prefer holding off to see the results from the beta test before they start working the books into the app.

Right now we are looking for beta testers to try out the app and tell us what they think. We recently finished alpha testing and realised how important it is to involve the potential users early on.

So sign up here and get a chance to influence the content and functions of the final app.

And please help spread the word by sharing this article, so more people out there can take part in this and help make books being representative and inclusive.

By: Elina Blom


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