Woman Documents Her Incredible Transition Into HER TRUE SELF In Just 17 Months


“I was a girl in a guys body and now I’m just me,” claims Selgal, a student from Ohio, who recently went through hormone replacement therapy (HTR) in order to feel more comfortable in her own body. The trans woman shared the pictures of her gradual transition over 17 months to show that is never too late to change who you are.

The woman took estrogen hormones that are known to change the facial features into more feminine as it affects the fat distribution on faces. It can make jaw and chin lines more delicate, make lips a little fuller, and affect the cheeks and tissue around the eyes, resulting in softer facial features. Selgal also mentioned that she did voice training for her voice to sound a little higher.

Selgal is confident that “happiness is real, you just have to be willing to risk anything to find it.” Scroll down to see her transformation below.


“2 years pre HRT: Age 16, total pot head (get it?)”

“1st-month HRT, just started college. I always kept checking the mirror to see if I noticed any changes. But it turns out it takes a pretty long time for anything major”

“Trying to be cute when I really wasn’t lol, this is around 9 months HRT”

“11 months, first picture I took of myself that I actually liked”

“Starting sophomore year of college, 12 months HRT”

“Still looking like a grumpy dude 13 months HRT”

“Starting to get cute – 14 months”

“Another classroom selfie, really liking the way I look, 15 months”

“And this is me today (17 months HRT), living my life happily with a boyfriend whom I love more than life”



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