Instagram Influencer Faked Coachella Photos To Prove A Point About Social Media


Gabbie Hanna, an LA-based internet influencer just blew her followers’ minds when she revealed a little “secret”.

Like many other internet personalities, she shared a bunch of photos of herself looking adorable and having a great time at Coachella. She, however, had a trick up her sleeve.

She updated her comment on each of her photos with this after a few days:


“OOPS i faked it all! go check out the video on how i pretended to go to Coachella up now! 🖤”

Expectedly, it made her 3.8 million followers shocked!


However, the question here is: why would she do such a thing?

Well, as it turns out, she had a really good reason.

Many other social media influencers and followers flooded Gabbie with questions of whether she was going to Coachella, and it got her thinking: Why is Coachella so important?


She realized that it was all because of status, as many internet stars spent the whole festival taking photos of themselves for Instagram and not actually enjoying the festival.
Oh, and not to mention how expensive is the festival for most people.

She shared that it feels like a lot of work for something you are not even enjoying, and it can take weeks of preparations and it will cost you thousands of dollars. To make it even worse, some influencers admitted that they took extra outfits with them to make it look like they went to the festival both weekends instead of “just” one.

So, she made a plan.


She wanted her followers to know that social media is sometimes full of lies, and she told them exactly what she did.

This is the video she posted on the matter:


Gabbie goes step by step on how she faked each photo in the video, and she “came clean” with this Instagram post as well:


Once her followers saw how she did it, they were totally in shock. She later explained what she hopes her followers will learn from her prank:

“People look at people on Instagram and social media, and they think, ‘wow their life is impossibly perfect’ but that body, that vacation, that car – so much of it’s fake.”

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