Iranian Lawyer Gets 38 Years In Prison And 148 Lashes For Defending Women Who Remove Hijab


Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent Iranian lawyer and internationally renowned human rights lawyer has been jailed for 38 years and sentenced to 148 lashes after she defended women who removed their headscarves in public. She was handed maximum sentence for all of her seven convictions after the 55-year-old represented protesters who are against the Islamic Republic’s mandatory headscarves for women.

Many of them women filmed themselves taking off the headscarves and posted it on social media.

Sotoudeh was arrested last June and she was charged with spying, spreading propaganda, and insulting Iran’s supreme leader.

Reza Khandan, her husband, confirmed her fate in a Facebook post.
More than 350k people have already signed an online petition calling for her release, and you can sign it here


A judge at a revolutionary court in Tehran said that Sotoudeh had been sentenced to five years for assembling against national security, and two years for insulting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The sentence is unusually severe, even for Iran.

She had already been found guilty in absentia of espionage charged and she was sentenced to five years, and even though the sentences total 12 years so far, her husband confirmed that she had been condemned to “38 years in prison and 148 lashes”.

She had 20 days to appeal the verdict, and her sentencing has been widely criticized.



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