Jennifer Aniston And Ellen DeGeneres Kissed To Seal Their Friendship


61-year-old TV-host Ellen DeGeneres sealed her friendship with 50-year-old A-list actress Jennifer Aniston by planting a smooch on her lips during an appearance on the Monday episode of her talk show. The kiss sent the audience wild, and it came only two weeks after Ellen kissed Howard Stern on the show.

Ellen, who has been married to actress Portia de Rossi since 2008, said that the kiss with Aniston was pleasant. Jennifer then asked Ellen when was the last time she kissed a guy, and Ellen replied that she kisses guys like that often, but she doesn’t make out with guys. She just kisses guys on the lips, and asked Aniston when was the last time she kissed a girl on the lips.

Anston replied that she doesn’t kiss girls on the lips, no… with a hesitance. It was at that point when Ellen leaned in for it, as the audience cheered and clapped. Ellen then laughed that that’s what the audience wanted to see for years, and the Friends star commended her that she has very soft lips. Ellen replied that so does she, and that’s why she likes women.


During their upcoming chat, they both referenced how they have come to land in Howard Stern’s social circles after he’d trashed them on his radio show for years. Ellen said that she thinks it’s surprising that they both like him and are friends with him now, and at one point they may not have been, as he was mean for a while.

Aniston replied that even though that was his angle a long time ago, but now he’s “a big drink of tall sweet water… tall dark and handsome, sweet water”.



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