Jonathan Van Ness Is The First Non-Female Model On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan UK


We’re used to seeing some celebrity news, takes on latest fashion trends, and maybe some saucy tips for the bedroom when it comes to magazines like Cosmo. They’re usually presented by smiling women dressed in fashion-forward, vibrant garments.
However, many things these days are changing, and history is taking a different turn. So, Cosmopolitan UK decided to go for a different approach for this month’s issue, and their cover model for this month is Jonathan Van Ness.

He is probably best known as the grooming expert on the Netflix series Queer Eye, the show that features 5 experts and transforms people to make their lives easier, and ultimately make them happier.


Van Ness radiates glam, rocking a pastel Christian Siriano gown and a pair of Nikes. He is the first non-female model to pose for the cover of Cosmopolitan UK in the magazine’s 35-year run, and Jonathan came out as a non-binary person with preferred gender pronouns he/him/his just this summer.


The issue is set to be released on the 5th this month, but the online article that has been already dropped revealed some ‘juicy’ details about the TV host.

Jonathan Van Ness discussed life and the stigma around living with HIV in an interview with Amy Grier. He also talked about politics, the US presidential elections, and how difficult it can be to balance people’s expectations, especially in the current climate.


He also talked about his book, which is a memoir titled Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love.
The book also touches his experiences of substance abuse, sexual compulsivity, and living with HIV for years.


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