Kevin Spacey Accused Of Sexual Assault By 3 More Men


Three more allegations of sexual assault have been placed against Kevin Spacey, which brings the total of open cases investigated by the UK’s Scotland Yard to six, The Guardian reports.

These additional complaints are said to have taken place in London and Gloucester, in 1996, 2008, and 2013. Previously, three other allegations had been made towards Spacey. He was one of the first of many powerful men in Hollywood to be accused of sexual assault of late, when Anthony Rapp claimed he was subjected to sexual advances made when he was 14-years-old, and Spacey was then 26. The star apologized for “inappropriate drunken behavior,” but stated he does not recall the event. Rapp’s allegation is currently not under investigation, however back in April, LA prosecutors announced that they were looking into an allegation of sexual assault in West Hollywood.

These aren’t the only allegations against the actor. Yesterday, Guy Pearce described Spacey as “handsy” on the set of the movie L.A. Confidential, going on to state that “Thankfully, I was 29 and not 14.” The Old Vic theater, where Spacey was artistic director from 2004 to 2015, has received 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour against Spacey.


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