Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Tyson Beckford and Implies He’s Gay After He Criticized Her ‘Botched’ Body


Tyson Beckford is responding to Kim Kardashian after her social media users labeled her clap back at his body-shaming comments Wednesday “homophobic.”

The model and actor took to Instagram Thursday to show off his muscular build along with a caption that said he supported the LGBTQ community while denying he is gay himself.

“Train 5-6 days a wk,(sic) weights Martial Arts and Firearms and I defend those who can’t defend themselves!” he wrote. “I support LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈, even though I’m not Gay. It’s just the Human thing to do.”

On Tuesday, Beckford commented on @amiradyme’s post of Kardashian West with some choice words about the reality star’s appearance.

In the picture, the second-oldest in the Kardashian clan was wearing an all-black ensemble, with tight velvet pants and an asymmetrical top, ahead of her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday.

“Sorry I don’t care for it,” Beckford commented under the post. The model and actor continued with a second diss, this time focusing on her famous assets: “She is not real, doctor (expletive) up on her right hip.” He added a green vomiting emoji.

In typical Kardashian fashion, the social media maven and mother of three clapped back Wednesday, saying: “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.” The message was accompanied by the tea, frog and painting nails emoji.

Kardashian West may have silenced Beckford (for now), but her comment got social media talking. Some are calling her response “homophobic” because it seems to imply Beckford is gay.

“I hope y’all get kim kardashian together for that homophobic response to Tyson Beckford,” one Twitter user said.


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