Lesbian Brides Tandem Deadlift At Their Wedding And Won Fans Across Social Media


Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez got married earlier this month, and they decided to look beyond the standard wedding repertoire and try something new: the tandem deadlift.

The brides said their “I dos” on October 1 in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and they performed a tandem deadlift of a bar and plates that weighed 253 pounds. Oh, and they did this mid-ceremony, while in their wedding gowns!

Yes, you read that right!

Both brides are Olympic weightlifters, and they had several ideas in might for their wedding.

Yang told Women’s Health that they thought about the usual candle lighting, tree planting, sand pouring, and none of those things represented Wek and her. They had been joking about doing a tandem deadlift, and even though it seemed ridiculous at the time because they’re Olympic weightlifters, they still decided to do it.


Weightlifting is a huge part of who they are as a couple, so it was absolutely the perfect fit for the wedding.

Hernandez added that weightlifting is very special to them, and their whole weightlifting team was at their wedding.

Even though both of them can lift the 253 pounds individually, the women considered what they’re tandem lift symbolized. Hernandez added that it was meant to not only be a symbol of unity, but also a statement – They are strong, capable women individually, but they’re even stronger together!

People on social absolutely loved the idea and congratulated the happy couple.



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