Lesbian Couple Are Fighting Back After Instagram Deleted Their Photo And Hashtag


One of the women, Veronica, runs a popular Instagram account called Oh! Mami Blue, where she and her partner, Jana, share their lives, their love, and a healthy dose of delicious looking meals.

Veronica told BuzzFeed the idea behind the account is to show that their lives are just as normal as any straight couple, and that, “We are a family.”

“On Instagram, it is common for other accounts about LGBT, love, or just inspirational lifestyle content to repost our pictures,” said Veronica. This means some of their content ends up reaching a lot more people.
The photograph was reposted by an account with more than 200,000 followers. After it spread, the photo was reported as inappropriate and was taken down by Instagram. Veronica said that, even though the account tried to upload the photograph again on numerous occasions, it was reported and taken down again.

“I raised the question: ‘I only see love, what about you?’ because that’s what is shown in the image: a family,” said Veronica.
Following its publication, people began to protest the deletion of the picture, sharing their own photos or photos of the couple using the hashtag #Yosoloveoamor – I Only See Love.

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