Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of Uber For Kissing


Girlfriend Emma Pichl, 24, and Alex Lovine, 26, on Saturday night were riding with the service in Manhattan. Then the driver reputedly pulled over, then told the girls to literally get out of the car.

Firstly the couple thought the driver was kidding, but then they got it that he was being serious. As MailOnline reports, they got out their phones to capture this terrible moment.

“We were sitting on opposite sides of the car. We leaned in for a peck, and that’s what it was, a legit peck.

My girlfriend started laughing. She thought he was joking.

He [uber driver] yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips.”

The couple had to go from a friend’s birthday party in Brooklyn to another party in the city’s East Village around 5pm, that’s why they ordered an Uber taxi. But the uber driver was so rude.

The uber driver opened the door to the backseat, saying to the girls:

“It’s illegal. You can’t do this in the car. You aren’t allowed to do this.”

Uber said in a statement:

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we have reached out to the rider regarding her experience.

We are investigating and will take appropriate action.”

Lovine says she is waiting to recieve an apology from the company. She stated:

“Getting this out there, getting a refund and getting an apology is all I want right now.

It was a really terrible experience – and ironically occurred on a bright sunny day during pride month in NYC.”


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