What It’s Like To Be Trans – Documentary


Moritz is a 24-year-old transgender man. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the transgender community before I went to meet him. He told me how he knew he was a boy when his parents thought he was female.

What it felt like to be referred to as a woman. And how testosterone changed not only his appearance – but also his relationship with a lot of the people he thought he knew. This is the first of four episodes on “What it’s like to be trans”.

“Die Frage” is a documentary series for young adults by the German broadcasting service Funk. Every month, our reporter Michael sets out in search of answers to questions that have no easy answers. How can I cope with death? Should I be afraid of the psychiatric ward? What’s it like to have a fetish? New episodes air every Friday at 4 pm CET and we will share them here for you to watch (subtitles are available on clip). Stay tuned.



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