Lily Allen: Lesbian Sex Is Not Cheating


In a recent interview in UK, Lily Allen admitted that during 2014 she had affairs with women. However, she stated that it didn’t feel like an act of cheating because it was with a women.

Allen said she would pay for the company of female escorts during 2014 album tour Sheezus. When asked if she was paying them for “companionship, sexual gratification, or just not to be alone,” Allen said all of it.

Lily Allen published a memoirs ‘My thoughts exactly’ couple of days ago where she addresses her drug abuse problems, as well as her nights with female escorts. Lily married Sam Cooper in 2011 and has two daughters, the couple divorced in 2018. Lily Allen is well-known for being a performer in many gay clubs, as well as her song F#ck you where she lambasted homophobia and other problems of the modern world.


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