Little Girl’s Answer On Outdated Worksheet Earns Her An A+ In Clapping Back


An awesome little girl kicked some sexist homework’s butt and the Internet is doing a collective slow clap.

A tweet that was originally posted by U.K.-based liver and pancreatic surgeon Robert Sutcliffe shows a worksheet that asks students to write words with a “ur” in the middle. A question toward the end of the assignment says “hospital lady,” and the word that would satisfy that description is to be filled in on the blank.

The answer was supposed to be, you guessed it, “nurse.” Instead, the smarty-pants kiddo wrote, “surgeon.” Get it girl!

According to Pop Sugar, it was the surgeon’s daughter who received the sexist homework. After posting the photo of the ditto (I’m bringing that word back, people!), it was shared again on Twitter, and subsequently favorited 8,500 times.


Not surprisingly, the tweet went viral and people were happy for the girl.



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