Lizzo Wore Her Met Gala Dress To The Airport And It’s Everything


Even though most celebrities wear their expensive designer couture only on the red carpets, and it’s usually just once and they never be seen wearing the same thing again, music queen Lizzo is sensible, and she’s making sure to make most out of all the fabulous (and I mean Fabulous!) clothes she has in her wardrobe.

Case in point, following campy and totally epic Met Gala 2019, the “Juice” singer wore her big pink coat she wore on the pink carpet again, and it was not on another red carpet.

She wore it to the airport!


Even though we’re not sure how good we would look in the amazing big pink coat, as it’s literally something that only queens could pull off, seeing her wearing it proudly through the airport is pure excellence!


I mean, if you’re going to travel, you might as well do it in style!


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