Man And His Wife Fall In Love With Same Woman And Become A “Throuple”


Both a man and his wife ended up falling in love for the same woman they met at the gym, and they are now living happily as a “throuple”.

Mary Barillas is an engineering expeditor and a CrossFit gym owner, and she met her business partner and husband Leo when she was just 13 years old at high school.
They started dating, and they got married when Mary turned 17, at which point Leo was in the Marine Corps and was based in several countries.

The 32-year-old Mary moved to California to be with her husband, before they moved back to Washington in 2010, when Leo decided to leave the Marines and start-up their CrossFit business and start a family.
Their family now includes their children Carson, 9, and Paige, 4.
Five years later, both of them met estimator Kimberlee Slagle in their gym, and they soon became friends.

Mary (left), Leo (centre), and Kimberlee (right)

As their friendship grew, they realized that there was a romance between the three of them, and they became a “throuple” in September 2016.

The 29-year-old Kimberlee also has two kids, the 11-year-old Keagan and 7-year-old Kymper, and the three have been living under the same roof with their children since June 2017.

The unique family shares its family life on Instagram on their profile @pnwtriad16.


Leo said that Kim was first a friend, and he and Mary are married, and the friendship they all had turned into attraction.

He continued that their romantic relationship started in 2016, and they all fell in love sometime that year, all of them for different reasons.

He adds that polyamory means being honest and open with who they are, and they truly love more than one person and embrace that even though it is beyond the social norm.

Leo added that the family members that know of their relationship have been really accepting, and it’s not just their family, but all of their friends are really accepting. So, instead of two adults having a family, they now have three adults and four children.

The trio admits that they have their problems, and Leo continued by saying that jealousy is a real thing in any relationship, not just polyamory. They have found that the best way to deal with it is to communicate with each other, and he added that they also chat a lot about the future. He also added that he doesn’t mind being shorter than the two beautiful ladies, and he thinks that it makes others wonder what’s so amazing about him.



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