Man Sends Dog To Get Him Bag Of Cheetos While In Quarantine


Almost every country in the world has advised its citizens to spend their days at home due to coronavirus pandemic. Even though most people are allowed to go out and get essential items such as groceries or medicine, but people who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, or people who have COVID-19 symptoms, are told to stay home with no reprieve from the outside world.

One man from Mexico, though, has devised an ingenious way of getting what he needs without having to leave the house.
Antonio Munoz wanted some Cheetos on the third way of his quarantine, but he was not allowed to go to the store, so he enlisted the help of his trusty chihuahua pet dog to deliver the bag of chips. The chihuahua had a note attached to its back which read: “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Would you please sell some Cheetos to my dog. The orange kind, not the red ones. She has $20 attached to her collar.”


The dog owner wrote a warning, though, that the chihuahua will bite if not treated right.
Luckily, Antonio managed to capture the moment his pet dog came back from the local store with a packet of orange Cheetos. We believe that the dog had traveled to the store with Mr. Munoz before, and the internet has now deemed the dog ‘a legend’ and ‘a savior’.



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