March 2020 Has Been The First March Without A School Shooting In The U.S. In 18 Years


Every aspect of our lives has been disrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but even though, there have been some unintentional positive consequences from the lockdown across the U.S.

Air pollution has dropped significantly, as NASA revealed that the pollution over New York and other major metropolitan areas was 30 percent lower in March 2020.

To add to that, the number of adopted shelter dogs and cats is a record high, as there have been numerous stories of shelters even running out of pets.

However, there has been yet one another massive unintended consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s a pretty significant one. March 2020 has been the first March since 2002 that there wasn’t a school shooting in the U.S.
Yes, you read that right.
As sad as it is, most schools in the U.S. were shut down in early March, so there hasn’t been a place for school shootings.

Everytown for Gun Safety reports that there were seven shootings on school campuses in March 2020, but four of them were accidental discharges, and one took place between adults on a high school field. The other two took place on college campuses, but they didn’t involve students.


And yet, the fact that this is the first school-shooting-free March in the U.S. in 18 years is terrifying.
A recent study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine reports that gun violence is the second leading cause of death for children in the U.S., just after car accidents.

It has been reported that there have been at least 33 incidents of gunfire on school grounds in 2020 alone, which resulted in 10 deaths and 15 injuries. There were at least 130 incidents of gunfire in schools in 2019, and they resulted in 32 deaths and 77 injuries.

The sales of guns, riffles, and other firearms have been on the rise since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in the U.S., and the background checks conducted by the FBI have been on the highest total since the instant background check began in 1998.

Gun shops across the U.S. have sold more than 2 million guns in March alone, and the rise in gun sales raises fears of an increase in shootings after the pandemic is over.



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