Mariah Carey Has Officially Won The 10-Year Challenge, So Everyone Can Go Home Now


So, if you’re not familiar — in which case, you must be allergic to social media and that’s definitely not a bad thing — there’s a #10YearChallenge meme that’s been making the rounds for the last few weeks. The premise is pretty simple: You post a picture of yourself from 2009 next to a picture of yourself in present day, and then sit back and relax while the compliments roll in. It’s basically a harmless excuse for people to brag about their grown-up glow-up.

For whatever reason, Carey finally decided to get in on the trend, but she went and did it her way. That is to say, she did not do it. Instead, the star posted two identical pictures of herself side-by-side via Twitter, and captioned the photos, “I don’t get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge,” followed by the shrugging emoji. “*Picture taken at some point prior to today.”



Have you ever heard anything so brilliant and life-giving?!

If you said yes, social media agrees: all kinds of people are taking this philosophy deeply, profoundly to heart, and it’s CHANGING. LIVES.



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