Medical Staff Share Photos Of Their Bruised Faces To Encourage Self-Isolation


You’re probably aware by now how vitally important it is to social distance and self-isolate yourself, where applicable.

Yes, we know it’s tough, but it’s definitely not tougher than the heroic medical workers that are working around the clock to save as many lives as possible.
One doctor recently shared a selfie after working a grueling 9-hour shift, taking care of critically ill COVID-19 patients, and he wanted to highlight the impact of what they’re going through.

Natalie Silvey is an anesthetic registrar based in London, U.K., and she recently tweeted out a selfie with the caption that it’s the face of a person who just spent 9 hours in personal protective equipment, moving critically ill COVID-19 patients around London. She added that she feels broken, and this is just the beginning.
In the end, she begged people to do social distancing and self-isolation.

She added in a following tweet that the red/purple marks across her face are from her protective mask, they’re deeper than they seem. She wrote that she has seen just what COVID-19 is doing, and she wants to scream at people to listen to them.

Her post received more than 440k likes and over 125k retweets, and fellow NHS workers responded with selfies of their own.

Silvey used the opportunity to pay tribute to all the nurses who play a vital role on the front line. She admitted that she was crying when she sent out the tweet, and the real heroes are the nurses.



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