Nick Jonas ‘Would Be Lying’ If He Said He Hasn’t Had Gay Sex


Nick Jonas has confessed that he’s had sex with a man following years of rumors about his sexuality. The Christian singer, and youngest of the three famous brothers, is known as a bit of a ladies’ man who’s been seeing Kate Hudson and Lily Collins recently.

But the 23-year-old has said that the sex scene for his recent movie Kingdom saw him ‘technically’ do it with a man. He told The Sun: ‘On Kingdom I have a sex scene with a guy. It is always this thing: have I, has Nick? No. But it’s my lips, it’s my hands, it’s my body, even if I’m playing a character. So technically I have done that, so I wouldn’t say I haven’t, because that would be lying.’

Er… Nick? Are you sure? ‘But as me, Nick, I am very open about who I am and that I have nothing to prove,’ he continued. ‘I know what I am, I’ve been honest about that.’ We’re not entirely sure whether this gets to the bottom of Nick’s sexuality or not. He is a gay icon and has played gay men several times, most recently in US TV show Kingdom – but he may be getting a little confused about what exactly constitutes gay sex.


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