Nurse’s Heart-wrenching Video After Seeing Empty Shelves Following 48-Hour-Shift Will Leave You In Tears


Dawn Bilbrough is a 51-year-old nurse from the U.K. who decided to take it to Facebook to post an emotional video after she saw the empty shelves at her local grocery stores after working a 48-hour-shift.

Many stores have been struggling to keep up with demand for essentials, such as food and toilet paper, after the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the U.S., and Australia, and some of them have responded by limiting the number of goods that people can buy. Some stores have even introduced shopping hours reserved for the vulnerable, such as the elderly and the people with chronic diseases, but despite the measures, some are still finding it hard to get items.
Dawn struggled to find essential items following a 48-hour-shift at a hospital in York, and she broke into tears after she saw the empty shelves.

Check out the video she shared for yourself:

As she said in the video, she came to the supermarket only to see empty shelves, with no fruit and no vegetables. She noted that she’s a critical care nurse, and she had just finished 48 hours of work, so she just wanted to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours. She also admitted that she had a little cry in the supermarket, as there are people who are just stripping the shelves, even though they have all the essentials, while people like her are left with nothing, even though she is expected to be looking after them when they’re at their lowest.


The video received a lot of attention, and many people agreed with her that medical care workers need to nourish themselves with proper food so they don’t get sick themselves.



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