Nyle DiMarco Is Single And Looking For a Date (10) Image Gallery

Amazing news guys.



Nyle DiMarco is single and looking for a boyfriend.

He said:

‘A friend and I are writing a show together so I’m looking forward to doing that,’ Nyle said. ‘It’s a series… We’re working with a really great deaf writer. You know, I think we really do need deaf people out there writing their own shows.’

However, he couldn’t confirm what the show’s about.

‘I have no idea… Is there such a thing as a vacation show?’ he laughed.

‘I am very single.’

‘A relationship is not a priority of mine but, you know, I’m hoping soon enough!’

About his future boyfriend he said:

‘First one, has to be independent. I believe they have to be able to do their own thing.

‘The second one, communication, I think is the most important.

‘And [thirdly] outgoing as well. I’m an outgoing person, so…’

(Images via Instagram)


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