People Are Loving The Hilarious Way This Woman Came Out On Facebook


When Poppy Dadd decided it was time to tell her friends that she was gay, she did it in the most brilliantly funny way.

20-year-old Poppy, a student and part-time model from London, came out two years ago in a Facebook post that shocked her peers after being inspired by something she’d seen on Tumblr.

In the post, she’d written: ‘1st to comment is gay’. And, hilariously, Poppy was the first to comment with: ‘Surprise’.

The status received 171 likes – but it’s gone on to receive much more after being posted to Twitter and retweeted more than 63,000 times and liked by over 283,000 people

Since Dadd posted it on February 24, it has gone viral once again, receiving over 283,000 likes and 62,000 retweets.

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