People Share Their DIY Home Haircuts, And They Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious


Most of us are currently staying at homes, trying to kill some time while dying of boredom and doing our best to keep away from other people. However, most hairdressers are also doing the same, which means that we can’t get haircuts. This especially tackles people who take haircuts more often, so some of them have gotten creative and gave themselves DIY haircuts.
Lara is a woman that decided to give herself a quick once over. However, despite adding a bit of moisture to help out, the end result is hilarious. Check out Lara’s DIY “bowl cut”:

Next on the list is Matt, who tried to give himself a “skin fade”. However, the ‘skin fade’ is one of the most difficult techniques to master, and we must admit that he failed miserably.

Next is Tommy. Oh, Tommy…
Even though it looks like an ambitious attempt, there’s simply nothing that can save this haircut.

And last but not least, Josh.
Josh tried to give himself a haircut inspired by retired Brazillian soccer player Ronaldo. However, we’ll let you to decide if he did a good job or not.



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