People Think The Simpsons Predicted Greta Thunberg And Compare Her To Lisa Simpson


Believe it or not, The Simpsons did it first again!

As we all know already, The Simpsons are known as the show that predicts the future. They predicted that Donald Trump will become president, they predicted autocorrect, and, as it turns out, they also predicted the rise of Greta Thunberg.

The 17th episode of the 20th season that first aired 10 years ago saw Lisa being assigned to write a report on what Springfield will look like in the year 2059. The episode is called “The Good, the Sad and the Drugly”, and Lisa discovered that soap is being used for drinks instead of water, she discovered that the last polar bear took its own life, a world war over a tiny drop of oil, and a parking lot to be filled forever. She was filled with depression, anger, and anxiety, and she even terrified her classmates with her dark visions about the oceans rising because of the global warming and about the lowlands turning into a desert.
Sounds familiar?

After Greta Thunberg gave her powerful speech at the UN, many people started comparing her tone to Lisa’s presentation. Some even went so far to say that Greta is actually Lisa’s real-life version, and we can honestly say that it’s not that far-fetched, too.

Lisa is a thoughtful, intelligent, outspoken young girl who doesn’t shy away from important topics no matter how much adults try to silence her.

This is Lisa’s representation of her project:

This is what people had to say about the comparison:


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