Pope John Paul II Knew Of Allegations Of Misconduct Of Children Against Theodore McCarrick, And Still Promoted Him To Archbishop


According to a Vatican investigation, Pope John Paul II knew of the extensive allegations of assault against American cardinal Theodore McCarring, but he still decided to promote him to archbishop in Washington DC.

The 90-year-old McCarrick was defrocked by Pope Francis last year after decades of allegations against him that he had assaulted adults and children. The Vatican published its two-year 400-plus-page internal investigation into the case, and it details how McCarrick often shared his bed with teenagers. He made them call him ‘uncle Ted’, and the book blames Pope John Paul II for promoting him to archbishop even though he knew about it.

The disturbing testimony detailed how McCarrick called the teenagers that were studying to become priests his ‘nephews’. One of them described how he felt ‘frozen and trapped’, while another one described how he felt ‘ensnared’. A third one explained what happened at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.


According to the report, the US Church hierarchy was aware of these claims, but Pope John Paul II still promoted McCarrick to archbishop of Washington DC – which is one of the most prestigeous posts in the US Church. The report also adds that John Paul was naive to believe McCarrick’s handwritten denail.

McCarrick, on the other hand, says that he has no recollection of these ordeals, and hasn’t commented on the allegations of misconduct with adults. He now lives in isolation.



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