Pope’s “Robin Hood” Gives Money To Jobless Transgender Sex Workers


A group of trans sex workers in a beach town near Rome were left without work when the coronavirus lockdown measures were put down, so they decided to turn to a local Catholic priest for help to buy food.

However, the priest’s resources were stretched by the health crisis, so he turned to the cardinal known as “the Pope’s Robin Hood” who runs the Vatican charities, and he wired money to help the group.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski told Reuters that he doesn’t understand why this is getting so much attention, because this is ordinary work for the Church, and this is how the Church is a field hospital.

Cardinal Krajewski’s formal title is “papal almoner”, or, in other words, a ‘distributor of alms’, and he said that the sex workers were most likely undocumented, which makes it difficult for them to seek help from the Italian welfare offices.
He added that since everything is closed, the group went to the pastor since they don’t have any resources, and the pastor came to them. He said that they’re in a truly difficult situation because their passports have been taken away by the mafia pimps who control them.


Krajewski is one of the youngest cardinals in the world, aged 56, and he said that this is what Jesus would have done. This is not the first time he has made headlines with his seemingly ‘unorthodox’ ways of distributing the pope’s charities. He was dubbed “The Pope’s Robin Hood” by an Italian newspaper after helping out homeless immigrants last year, despite then-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigrant policies.



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