Popular Website Calls Out Rami Malek For Lip-Syncing In ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Gets Brilliantly Shut Down


Malek, who underwent a stunning transformation to play Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the positive accolades he’s gotten from Mercury’s Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor, as well as Mercury’s own sister Kashmira Cooke, are prize enough.

“That’s everything to me,” Malek told Vanity Fair earlier this week, adding that he recently received a message from May after the guitarist saw a double-decker bus in London with Malek, as Mercury, on the side. May told the actor that Mercury would’ve gotten a kick out of the signage considering that May and Mercury used to ride into London atop a No. 9 double-decker bus each day before breaking big, to ask their managers why Queen had not yet taken off. May told Malek that seeing the double-decker Bohemian Rhapsody poster was a full-circle moment for him, realizing how far the band had come—not just as musicians but as pop-culture figures worthy of movie representation.

One writer, publishing on Thrillist Entertainment, wasn’t overly impressed however. She pointed out the gratuitous glossing over and editing of Queen and Mercury’s history, and explained the ways that the music on the movie was sourced (spoiler, it wasn’t lead actor Rami Malek doing the singing). As an opinion piece it is informative and perfectly valid, even if a lot of fans out there disagree with the writer’s opinions.

But got shut down by a commenter


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