Queer Quarantine Love Story Will Melt Your Heart And Warm Your Soul


This is a true “romance in the time of coronavirus” story, and we believe it will melt your heart.

The story was posted on Reddit’s Relationships subreddit, and the tittle was a bit confusing. It was actually a question that read: “How can I (29M) ask my husband (26M) of nine months to be in an actual romantic relationship with me?”.

Yeah, we know it’s confusing, but wait until you learn all the details. We would advise you to grab a box of tissues first, though, because we think you’ll need them.

As you can see for yourself, the OP came to Reddit for advice about how to show his husband that he likes him and is attracted to him.
Most of the commenters told him to communicate his feelings, and if he wasn’t comfortable doing it face-to-face, they even suggested everything, from sharing that Reddit post to writing him an actual letter. OP, though, said that he was just too nervous to do anything at that point, and he wrote in response to one comment that he’s very bad at talking.


He eventually wrote one last update, in which he said that he did carry him to bed, but he cannot tell him that he’s on Reddit. To add to that, he wrote that he has already spoken about 20 different things and he was barely coherent and that point. He ended the post with: “I love him.”.



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