This Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float Fits Six People, Is Where The Party’s At


Everyone loves wasting away a sunny summer day on a highly Instagrammable inflatable swan, but ever since the now-ubiquitous pool float shot to Insta-stardom, avid pool floaters everywhere have been plagued by one major issue: As cute as they are, those swans can only hold up to two adult-sized people — any more than that, and you’re practically guaranteed to end up falling into the water. Just in time for spring break, however, the geniuses over at Sam’s Club have solved this problem. As Cosmopolitan reports, the bulk retailer is now offering massive versions of the swan-style pool floats, and you’re going to want each of the three designs ASAP.

The super-sized float comes in unicorn, peacock, and flamingo varieties, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The unicorn is adorned with a huge gold horn and rainbow wings and tail; the peacock looks especially regal in blue and purple; and the flamingo’s bright-pink skin is tattooed with silver feather designs. Each of the “Party Bird Islands” seats up to six adults and features six cup holders spaced around the float’s circular platform, and the unicorn and flamingo floats also include built-in coolers. At just under $150 per float, these pool loungers are definitely an investment, but just think of the priceless summer fun they’ll provide!


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