Rep. Andy Biggs Voted Against COVID-19 Bill Because It Gives Sick Leave To Gay Partners


Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs said that he voted against the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) during a radio interview with conservative Christian group Family Research Council (FRC) because it included provisions for domestic partnership, including same-sex relationships.

Southern Poverty Law Center says that FRC has been labeled a hate group because of their firm anti-LGBTQ stance, and Biggs was one of the 40 Republicans to vote against the FFCRA, even though the legislation was ultimately passed by the House of Representatives.

The legislation reads that the term “domestic partner” means another individual with whom the individual is in a committed relationship, and the term “committed relationship” means a relationship between two individuals, each at least 18 years of age, in which each individual is the other individual’s sole domestic partner, and both individuals share responsibility for a significant measure of each other’s common welfare. The bill continued that the term includes any such relationship between two individuals that are granted legal recognition by a State or political subdivision of a Senate as a marriage or analogs relationship, including a civil union or domestic partnership.


Apparently, Biggs took issue with the definitions, and he claimed that the legislation tries to redefine the meaning of a “family”, something that he claimed federal laws had never attempted to accomplish in the past.

According to Biggs, the provision had nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic, and “that’s just par for the course for the Left”.

GLAAD Chief Communications Officer Rich Ferraro told Newsweek that even though LGBTQ+ couples can be rightfully recognized in marriage today, many LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ Americans remain in a domestic partnership. However, voting to harm his LGBTQ constituents and their children is nothing new, and using COVID-19 to do it is a new low, even for Representative Biggs.



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