Rihanna Tells A Fan Why She Didn’t Use Any Transgender Models For Her Fenty Beauty Campaign


Alberto Otero, a graphic designer from Brazil, reached out to Rihanna on Twitter to ask why there was no sign of a transgender model promoting her lauded makeup collection.

Tweeting from @lbertootero, Otero wrote: “Fenty Beauty campaign is awesome, next time you record something should invite a trans girl to the group”.

Rihanna then treated Otero to a lengthy reply, articulating how she believes it’s wrong to hire transgender men or women simply as a marketing ploy.

She wrote: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with many gifted trans women throughout the years, but I don’t go around doing trans castings!

“I respect all women, and whether they’re trans or not is none of my business!

“I don’t think it’s fair that a trans woman, or man, be used as a convenient marketing tool.

“Too often do I see companies doing this to trans and black women alike!”

“I see where she’s coming from and yes she’s right.

“However at this time trans people need visibility immediately,” Twitter user @chrisholmez wrote.

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