Ruby Rose Defies Trolls And Shines In New Batwoman Trailer


Ruby Rose is playing TV’s first openly gay lead superhero in the upcoming series Batwoman, and the new trailer features her preparing to tackle crime in Gotham when Batman is missing.

She checks out Batman’s suit in CW Network’s new teaser, she hangs in the bat cave, and says to a cohort that she needs him to fix the suit.

She is told that “the suit is literal perfection”, but she replies that it will be when it fits a woman!

The gender-fluid actress has stated that she is beyond thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to play Batwoman as an openly gay superhero.

However, even though many people loved her casting in her role, there were online trolls that weren’t a fan of it, and it encouraged her to delete her Twitter account.
She said in an interview with Vogue that Twitter had long lost its place in her life, as it has changed over the years and she found it was breeding a lot more hate and dividing people – more than any other social media platform.


She tries to rescue a love interest in the moody sneak-peek video, and she makes it clear that she intends to stake her own claim on Gotham when citizens begin wondering if a recent spate crime-stopping efforts could signal the return of Batman.

She says that she’s not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.

Check out the trailer for the series that is set to start this fall below:



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