Sean Spicer and Donald Trump Make Out on SNL


Melissa McCarthy returned to “Saturday Night Live” this weekend and reprised her role as Sean Spicer, joining Alec Baldwin, who reprised his role as Donald Trump.

In one sketch, set in the White House press briefing room, “SNL” cast member Aidy Bryant plays deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A reporter asks Bryant’s Sanders, “Can you just do this full-time instead of him?” referring to McCarthy’s Spicer, who is seen hiding in bushes outside the briefing room.

Another reporter chimes in, “I’d also like to ask that question. You are clearly articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish.”

McCarthy’s Spicer then emerges and sprays the reporter with fire extinguisher foam.

“That’s right — Spicey is back, Sarah is out,” shouts McCarthy’s Spicer.

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