Siblings Trolled Online After Sister Agrees to Have Brother’s Baby


A gay man who yearns to become a father has convinced his sister to be the mother of his child.
Samuel Leighton-Dore, 24, and his partner Bradley Tennant want to have a child who can ‘see where he or she came from when they look up at their parents’.
The Sydney-based writer considered adoption but after speaking to his sister, Bronte Leighton-Dore, about his concerns the pair decided to have a baby, together.

‘The only possible chance my partner and I have of waving our respective biological flags in our future kid’s DNA is if my sister donates an egg for my partner’s sperm,’ Mr Leighton-Dore wrote in a blog post for Mamamia.
‘Call me selfish, call me vain, call me gross – but I can’t think of anything more spine-tinglingly spectacular than finding cheeky glimmers of my parents in the face and personality of my child,’ he added.

The author, who wrote a children’s book about coming out called ‘I Think I’m A Poof’, said there is ‘nothing remotely incestuous’ about the arrangement as Ms Leighton-Dore would not be carrying the child, but simply offering ‘the bun’ for a surrogate’s ‘oven’.

‘I want to see my dad’s sensitive disposition and penchant for strange existential literature. I want to see my mother’s fiery hard-headedness and forgetful nature. I want to see my sister’s dynamite creativity and doe-y brown eyes.’
Mr Leighton-Dore said his mother has supported his decision, despite the confusion it creates when explaining the origins of her only grandchild.

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