Someone Puts Sign: “Pride Flag Is A Violation Of Natural Laws Of Decency” On Beauty Salon, Owner Responds With A Bigger Flag


A beauty salon in Olympia, Washington, has been vandalized after owners refused a warning to remove the Pride flag from the store-front.

Owners of the Gatsby Parlour de Beaute found a flyer taped to the front window of the store with a message that read:

“Attention: You are in violation of natural laws of decency. Please remove the gay flag from your business facade.”

The parlor was just one of the several businesses sporting the LGBTQ Pride flag that was slapped with the flyer this year.

Co-owner of the salon Jesse Floch, however, refused to be intimidated by the threat, and his response was brilliant.
He responded with an even bigger flag!

Four days later, though, on October 3, the parlor’s windows had been smashed, and some people feel that it came as a result of ignoring the demand to remove the Pride flag.


Floch knows that the incident was not coincidental, and he told The Olympian that he sees the window-breaking as a “hate crime”.

LGBTQ group Capital City Pride has since launched a fundraiser for “fixing the downtown windows busted by people who hate gay people”.

They asked other businesses in the area to stay alert and wrote on their Facebook page:

Capital City Pride has since provided an update to confirm that they raised enough money to replace Gatsby’s broken window, and the salon posted a photo of the new store front on their Instagram profile.



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