Starbucks Presents Rainbow Love Tumbler In Honor Of Upcoming Pride Month


Just as Pride Month is getting closer, Starbucks presented their newest swag who has written Gay Rights all over it!

Namely, available at the stores from this week, the company is presenting a limited-edition glimmering rainbow tumbler with the sign LOVE on it to celebrate love, diversity, and kindness. The tumbler goes for the price of $16.95 and will be available only in the US and Canada.

According to the press release, this is only the beginning of Starbuck’s support for the 50th anniversary of Pride Month and there is much more to come. What exactly? Well, we have no idea but clearly, Starbuck are making it clear that they are advocating for LGBTQ rights and promoting a culture of inclusion and diversity. Their company includes health benefits for partners in an LGBTQ relationship, as well as health coverage including gender reassignment surgery about trans people or ones transitioning. You go Starbucks!



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