Stormy Daniels Is Bisexual: She Confirms in Wild Twitter Thread


Stormy Daniels has landed herself in the spotlight again–something she’s good at–this time for coming out as bisexual on Twitter.

In one of the weirdest social media exchanges in recent memory, Daniels’ attorney, the embattled Michael Avenatti, got into a heated conversation with right-wing nincompoop Tomi Lahren. The two sparred over Donald Trump’s decision to serve an assortment of fast food to the champion college football team the Clemson Tigers.

When another Twitter user suggested Daniels respond by engaging Lahren in a fist fight, Stormy suggested she use her fists elsewhere, thus tipping her hand about her sexuality. “I’d enjoy using my fists on her,” Daniels tweeted. “…take that how you will. *wink wink* Besides she won’t be able to spew her nonsense with her mouth full.”

Twitter users immediately asked Daniels if she was coming out as a lesbian. Daniels clarified that she labels herself “bisexual.”


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