Teen Allegedly Killed Gay Dad So He Could Spend More Time With Biological Dad in Prison


A 16-year-old boy is facing serious charges after officials said he killed his adoptive father in a house fire.

It happened November 2 in the 7200 block of Highland Road when officials responded to a house fire and found 45-year-old Jason Doan unresponsive inside. Doan was transported to Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital where he later died due to his injuries. Two children were able to make it out of the home through an upstairs window with the help of Doan.

Investigations showed that the fire was not accidental and the fire had been intentionally set after finding accelerants in the house’s carpet.

Officials began to search for Doan’s adopted son, Jordan Marin-Doan after finding that the family’s Jeep Wrangler had been missing. It was also learned that Marin-Doan had made threats to kill everyone in the home “so he could get a cell next to his paternal father in prison.”

Marin-Doan was later located on November 3 in a hotel parking lot in Decatur, Indiana. He later admitted to officials that he used fluid to pour on the middle of the home’s stairs before setting it on fire. He then said he got scared and left the house to drive to Decatur.

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