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According to South Indian Hindu Guru, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Ancient Vedic civilization already explored this topic thousands of years ago and had even developed its own applied science to recognizing 11 distinct genders. This would mean that the topic of gender identity is not exclusive to 20th century discussion, but that the controversy and confusion surrounding it is.

In a humble Hindu Monastery located in Bangalore, one should come to expect the effort to preserve religious practices rooted in tradition. From beliefs, rituals, all the way down to even the food, it is in this monastery, where traditional robes and golden jewelry sporting monks and residents perform ancient rituals that are just as mysterious to the western mind, as to even those outside of the Monastery’s gates in the hustle and bustle of the modernized Indian city just outside of it.

Devotees of Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, recognized by millions worldwide through social media, live as a community dedicated to protecting this tradition. Nobody would have imagined that in this very community, the conservative beliefs include the understanding and ancient science of gender and sexuality as per Hinduism.

 As emphasized by Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Hinduism has a 60000 years old tradition that clearly mentions gender as non-binary.  Nithyananda explains that gender exists in multi-dimensions. Contrary to the popular visualized understanding of gender being on a “spectrum,” which implies a linear understanding, Nithyananda instead presents gender as something settled by different “dimensions” of oneself.

The spectrum understanding suggests that we’d categorize ourselves on a spectrum of extremes and in-betweens ranging from being strictly homosexual, strictly heterosexual, or an in-between.

There are not only two genders i.e male and female but a lot more. To be precise Paramashiva* mentions in agamas that there are 11 genders. His divine holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a religious leader of Hinduism who is followed by millions worldwide. Swami ji by his causeless grace for humanity has given some great sacred secrets and revelations about the Gender Identity as per Paramashiva-The supreme deity of Hinduism.

Gender identity in the present society is a contentious issue. Most modern societies till recently gave legitimacy only to the two gender identities i.e male and female. This left a big portion of the population in lurch. This population which was not conforming to the two gender identity was persecuted and in many cases even murdered. All religions condemn these people as sinners.

But does all religions do condemn people who don’t identify themselves as Male or Female? Definitely No. there is one religion which has a tradition which not only accepts different gender identification but celebrates them. And that religion is Hinduism. Hinduism has a 60000 years old tradition which clearly mentions that gender is not binary but multi dimensional. There are not only two genders i.e male and female but a lot more. To be precise Paramashiva* mentions in agamas that there are 11 genders. His divine holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a religious leader of Hinduism who is followed by millions worldwide. Swami ji by his causeless grace for humanity has given some great sacred secrets and revelations about the Gender Identity as per Paramashiva-The supreme deity of Hinduism.


Swami ji has revealed during a webinar about the feminine consciousness that the Human body is designed to be bisexual, neither heterosexual nor homosexual. It is the chemistry of the body and social conditioning which is manipulated by the collective human being’s blind spots, that alters and pushes human beings into heterosexual or homosexual. By nature, the programming – neither biology nor physics is for the heterosexual or the homosexual. Physics and biology is programmed only to be bisexual. It is the bisexual bodies that enjoy the liberation from chemistry. It is the chemistry (of the body) responsible for all the confusions in humanity. It is in the bisexual bodies Devi (the feminine energy) manifests in her full form. Human body is bisexual, not hetero or homo. It is social conditioning that makes someone hetero or homo.


Some of the most powerful sacred secrets and powerful cognitions you need to know from Paramashiva about the eleven genders. One, gender is the totality of your identification with physical body, psychological layer, physiological existence and the will about you. Your physical existence, your physiological existence, your psychological existence and your identification – Aham, will, in all four levels, how you feel the totality of all these four put together is your gender. But, unfortunately society does not have this elaborate true understanding, because this knowledge was kept with elite. Society has only the very rough middle class mentality, mediocre understanding of two gender. And now they are coming up slowly only to the level of third gender. But actually 11 genders exist. The various permutation, combinations of gender identification in the physical level, physiological level, psychological level and will – Aham, the individual conscious level. In the whole population of the human beings, seven percent is complete male and seven percent is complete female. But, not more than the fourteen percent. More than this fourteen percent, no so-called only male or only female. Total eleven genders exist. Other than this fourteen percent, the whole thing belongs to different genders. You maybe part of this seven percent male, seven percent female. I am not saying the possibility doesn’t exist, but do little research and drill, come to that conclusion after doing the right understandings and cognitions and reasons. Even if you come to right conclusion due to wrong reason, it’ll not manifest powers in you. Right cognition with the right reason manifest powers in you.


First truth you need to know,there is nobody called straight. If you think you are straight, you are middle class, mediocre. There is no such thing as straight. Nobody is straight. You are just a being clothed with the body. Sexual attraction has nothing to do with the gender of the opposite person. It is the grace you feel with the opposite person. Beautifully Upanishad says you love your husband or wife not because he is male or female or husband or wife. He is or she is reflection of your integrity with your identity, understand. Attraction is due to the grace the other body radiates. Grace is always directly the quantity of the integrity that person’s physical, physiological, psychological conscious identity enjoys, understand. The more their gender identification is integrated, more grace they will manifest, they will radiate. Grace is all about you being completely comfortable with your physical, physiological, psychological conscious identity call Aham, pratyagatma chaitanyam. And, all attraction is towards the grace, not towards any gender, not towards any person. Break from this mediocre idea of gender doveholing. Feel completely relieved, if you are confused about your gender identity. Understand, if you are confused about gender identity, feel good about it. You are above the mediocre people. Mediocre people have decided to have false belief due to their fear of society. It is the fear of society, you deny your confusion or the identity crisis and just accept something society says and go on torturing yourself for whole life to believe what society has labelled it on you. Your identity, feeling of you associated with the gender is the first space needs healing. Understand, your idea you are male or female is mediocre, mentally retarded, unconscious identity. Be very clear, it is mediocre idea. When you don’t have enough energy, intelligence, guts to be a seeker and to recognize yourself or your own independent intelligence, you tolerate the label put on you by others that you are a male or female, that is the first abusal done to you. That is the first danger for you. Understand, the real sex abuse as per the Cosmos, Paramashiva is, without encouraging you to explore, seek, identify your gender, somebody pushing the idea you are a male or female, and forcibly making you to align to that idea is the worst and first sexual abuse you go through.

If you are a seeker and decided to revolt the ideas put on you about your sexual identity, and start seeking and exploring on your own your sexual identity, you are part of the cosmically elite class. Understand, that’s the title I’ll give you, “Cosmically Elite.” It is only the “Cosmically Elite” rich have the powerfulness to say no to others’ labels on them and explore, starts seeking their identity.


It’s a fundamental understanding a child should be given by the age of seven. At seven, a child should start learning about the eleven genders and what gender he feels comfortable in the physical, physiological, psychological, conscious levels. And he should start exploring the multiple permutation-combinations and feel, discover in which combination he feels, “Aahh…I know me.” Where he manifest his highest possibility and where he manifest his highest powers.  If you have kids, please do not sexually abuse them by forcing them to believe that they are male or female, understand. Really you are putting them in sexual identity crisis.

Do not teach any particular gender and force it on them or force them to confirm to it. Give them freedom. Let them recognize on their own. When their body responds, all the responses they go through to different people, how their body acts, reacts to different people – let them evolve, let them come up, let them explore. Just protect them that they are not sexually used physically by others and they do not sexually explore other bodies till twenty one.

Understand, twenty one may look long period but if you can do this, this is the biggest, greatest, best help you will do to your son or daughter.

Life flowering in the body without getting abused with that gender identity will liberate that child once for all, because if the first chain cannot be tied, no other chains can be tied. The child lived as Jivan Mukta. You can regain that child, that’s the good news I have for you. That’s the good news I have for you.

Every level your gender identification matters, understand. Whether you are womanizer or nymphomaniac, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a sannyasi or sanyasini, it doesn’t matter. What matters is do you feel, “Aahh…” inside your body. Your, your integrity, your physical, physiological, psychological components – do they feel integrated about your gender identification, understand. The first twenty one years till you find your identification and your beautiful alignment of the gender, which is the true integrity with which your physical, physiological, psychological existence has feel complete. In these eleven genders, one permutation-combination gives you a complete completion – “Woww!” The heaven experience in your body. Your six feet body feels heaven! That experience to happen in you – you need to explore what is the gender you are really, without letting other body to explore you, you to explore other body. Just be celibate for little time, especially the twenty one days of Parama Shivoham. Try to be completely celibate. Because, I’ll be supporting you very strongly, super consciously to awaken to your reality and identify the right permutation-combination among these eleven genders, which one you feel, “Aahh…! I know me.” In which one you feel “Aahh! I know me.” To come to that experience, that is what I call the state of Ardhanarishvara. Paramashiva, the state of Ardhanarishvara (अर्धनारीश्वर, Ardhanārīśwara). Ardhanarishvara is the ultimate symbol of the completion of the gender identity. Liberation from gender crisis. It’s a beautiful form Paramashiva takes to show the completion of the gender identity.    

When Hinduism, Vedas and Agamas ask you to be a celibate till the age of twenty one – the purpose is for you to realize in physical level, psychological level, physiological level and your conscious, self conscious level what is the gender with which you are comfortable. Exploring it, understand. One of the biggest problem is till age of 21 yrs, if you allow somebody to explore you or if you explore somebody – you collapse into the wrong identification due to powerless cognitions and you built a wrong gender identity. At least till twenty one, do not allow anybody to explore you or don’t explore others. You will have multiple realizations. I tell you, those realizations will solidify you, consolidate you.

Whether you feel oversexed or undersexed, womanizer or suppressed, any powerlessness or complication in the level of sex and sexual fulfillment or sexual desires, sexual guilt and any problem you go through with the sex –  fundamentally starts with gender identification. I tell you, when your gender is properly identified, all the sexual problems just meltdown! 3000 problems sexologist has created can just meltdown if you just diagnose your gender. That’s all. Nothing else. Please understand, multiple disorders related to eating can be cured completely. Multiple disorders related to drug addictions can be cured completely just by gender identification.

First thing just say no to society and society labeling you in any gender. If you are below twenty one, decide not to allow anybody to physically explore you and never explore another physical body. Wait. Wait. Understand. Gender identity is like a mercury. It cannot be kept even in golden pot. It can be only kept in stone vessel. Only after twenty one, your system becomes a stone vessel. If you are below twenty one, decide no question of exploring another body or letting another body to explore you. And if you are already above twenty one and you feel you have allowed people to explore you or you explored other bodies – don’t fall into guilt, but sit and go through every incident and go for completing it. I tell you, identifying your gender makes you so perfect. Complete diagnosis makes you manifest powers. Not only solves all your food pattern problems, addiction related problems and sexual orientation complications, sexual identity crisis, gender identity crisis. I tell you, even the middle age mood swing or the dullness you have, everything. If you are bored, tired, every problem. This is the master solution I am telling you.

This solution is something too good to be true. I am telling you, you need to cognize your will, the Aham – tries to play with your multiple possibility, multiple permutation-combination. Sometimes it tries to be physically male and physiologically female and psychologically gay. Sometime it tries to be psychologically male, physiologically female and physically gay. It just takes multiple permutation-combinations, explores itself, during those period – you just need to be with yourself. That is what Paramashiva calls as Krama Brahmacharya. He is not calling that as Naishtika Brahmacharya. At that first twenty one years, you don’t take the vow “I will be celibate forever.” No! The exploration period. Blessed are those knowingly or unknowingly remain celibate in the first twenty one years of your life, you have built the best foundation for your existence. First twenty one years of your life, if you have not physically explored anybody and allowed physically to explore you – you have built the best foundation for your life. The whole puppy love, everything, is just your will. This individual Consciousness, the pratyagatma chaitanya, trying to explore the permutation-combination. Finally, it settles in any one of the eleven gender category Paramashiva describes. I tell you, if you integrate your gender identity whether you are a sannyasi or grihastha or womanizer – you will be such graceful being. You will be such graceful being.

The reflection of Paramashiva in you, pratyagatma chaitanya – the individual Consciousness, has a freedom to align your gender identification in the level of psychology and physiology and physical – all three. I want to make a statement. By your will power, you can make, change your gender completely, even physically. Ramakrishna demonstrated it. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa demonstrated. There was another one great yogi called Madana Gopala Swami,he lived in south India. He was in Madhura Bhava with Sri Krishna. With his power and will power he just manifested all the female characters in his system, whole system


Three worse things are done to you by society. First, trying to push you into three or four genders they are recognizing, like pushing you into either male or female or lesbian or gay. That is one of the biggest crime done to you. Second, not letting you understand that they don’t have the ultimate solution. They are ignorant. But, trying to push their half unverified, not time tested, non foolproof understandings, ideas, concepts, cognitions being pushed into you, forced to digest – because you eat their food, they are pushing you into eat their ideas also. That is the worst child abuse, understand. Just because you are eating their food, they are pushing you to eat their ideas. Society is so abusive,only if it hooks you into the greed of sexual need, I call it grid of sex – you can continue to be exploited. once you have the wrong identification of the gender and you are hooked into the sexual greed grid. Over. Even if you are impotent, you will be earning and paying them to cure you. If you are a womanizer, you will be earning and paying them to make you more sexually active. In either way, you will end up being their consumer, customer and patient for them.

All the understandings, false identifications, misinterpretations, powerless cognitions inserted into you, got inserted into you – look at them all with the eyes of conspiracy theory. Please understand, do not forgive the way society dovehole you. The way society pull you through its jackets. No! Do not forgive, do not forget the society’s abuses on you, understand. Any problem you have related to sex directly or indirectly, it is society’s conspiracy against you. They may be ignorant, then they should be clear of their ignorance and they should not have abused you with their misunderstandings. Below twenty one, whether you explore another body or another person explore your body is a sexual abuse done to you. It’s a sexual abuse done to you by the society, by not having the honesty & integrity and telling you the truth about the life and gender. You have been misled. Understand, look inside. Go back and start seeing how you started identifying yourself with the wrong gender ideas by others’ opinion. Dig out the first sexual abuse you faced. First sexual abuse is not always physical. It is ideological. You are being forced to believe you belong to male or female category and forcibly make to confirm to others’ belief is the first sexual abuse you go through.

In the pearl string if you just cut the string, all the pearls will be liberated – freed. All the patterns and incompletions you carry are like this pearl string. The gender identity is the string. If you just cut that, all patterns will be destroyed, you will be free from all patterns, all incompletions.

Just realizing your real sexual identity and liberating yourself from wrong sexual identities and labels put on you by others. Every cognition you carry about greed, fear, anger, right, wrong, good, bad, all those cognitions starts from the sexual identity you identified.


His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami is revered, regarded, respected and worshiped as the Avatar (living incarnation) of super-consciousness by millions across the globe.

His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the 293rd Pontiff of the world’s oldest, Shaivaite Aadheenam (temple monastery complex) and also the head of the world’s largest Shaivaite Aadheenam. He is also the youngest Maha Mandaleshwar (the highest level of Hindu spiritual guardianship) of the Mahanirvani Akhada (the ancient apex body of Hinduism).

He and his Sangha (spiritual community) around the globe is serving humanity by reviving the science of completion, science of Enlightenment and manifesting various extraordinary spiritual powers as per the Vedic Agamic tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He is author of 350 books, which are translated and published in 500 titles and various international languages.

His Sangha has a strong presence worldwide through numerous Temples, Adheenams (temple monastery complex), Gurukuls (Vedic schools), universities, goshalas (cow shelters) established by Him. His live Satsangs (spiritual discourses) every morning (7am IST) are viewed by people from all countries around the world.


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