These Brides Set Fire to Their Wedding Dresses After Walking Down the Aisle


Two brides stunned the guests present at their wedding as they set their white dresses on fire after walking down the aisle. The same-sex couple were wearing the dresses while it was on fire and posed for pictures in their burning wedding gowns.

The brides from Iowa — 32-year-old April Choi and 28-year-old Bethany Byrnes — wanted to do something dramatic for their special day so they enlisted guests from their wedding parties to set fire to their gowns, a few moments after they exchanged their vows. Reports state that the brides’ gowns were specially made with detachable trains.

A video clip of the duo showed their dresses engulfed in flame as they eventually cast off the trains seconds before the fire gets too close to them. Both Choi and Byrnes are variety entertainers and include fire-eating and breathing among their talents.


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