These Two Grooms Got Married In A Magnificent Traditional Hindu Ceremony


Two grooms with Indian origins had a traditional Hindu wedding, and their photos from the ceremony have gone viral, with a lot of people loving the same-sex ceremony.

Amit Shah is a dance choreographer and his now-husband Aditya Madiraju, who works in risk management, had an intimate ceremony at a temple in New Jersey on July 19.

The couple originally got married at city hall in New York City in January, but they then decided to host another wedding in a Hindu temple because it was important for them to stick to their tradition.


Madijaru was born in South India and moved to the USA 9 years ago where he met Shah at a party by a mutual friend. He explains that although they had different personalities, they kinda hit it off right away thanks to their mutual interests.


After a year in a relationship, they realized they are very much in love so they came out to their parents who luckily were very supportive.

Aditya continues: “Having a traditional wedding is something that wasn’t out of ordinary for either of us as we come from pretty traditional and conservative backgrounds,” “After we got married at City Hall, we knew we wanted something more traditional with our families and friends involved.” Check out the rest of the pics below.



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