They Gave Away Rainbow Masks In “LGBT Free Zones” In Poland


Polish gay marriage Jakub and David went to the „LGBT FREE ZONES” in Poland and gave away hundreds of rainbow masks on the streets. Despite promoting LGBT is forbidden in these areas, people’s reaction to their action wasn’t only negative. They faced a few threats, some people were a bit nasty, but as they say – „watching so many people with rainbow masks on their faces in such areas, was absolutely worth it!”

Jakub and David visited three LGBT FREE ZONES in East Poland – small towns called Mordy, Trzebieszów and Biała Podlaska. They gave away over 200 hundreds of rainbow masks in each spot. Watching movie you can see that it wasn’t very safe and anything could happen. Some people didn’t like rainbow, one man threatened that he would punch their faces if they didn’t leave but people’s reaction were mostly very positive.


Giving away rainbow masks it’s Jakub’s and David’s way to fight against Covid_19 and homophobia in their country. According to last report of ILGA EUROPE – Poland is the worst country for LGBT people in European Union so they still have plenty to do in their country.

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