This 7-Foot Rainbow Christmas Tree Will Make You The Talk Among All Your Family And Friends


The holidays are a time when we can deck our halls with as many festive things as we can fit on every counter and shelf available. And, if you want to be the talk of all your family and friends for this year’s Christmas season, we have just the tree for you.
This Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree is everything it sounds like, and even more, and it’s selling on Amazon.

And while some people argue with real versus fake trees, no one will be able to compete with this multi-colored rainbow tree.


The Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree from Treetopia is exactly what it sounds out. It features red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, and we think it looks amazing.

Amazon describes that it features vibrant, rainbow-colored PVC needles, it has a full shape and it makes for a cheerful display even without ornaments.

It stands 7 feet tall, and it’s just under 4 feet wide, which means it can easily fit in most living rooms.


You don’t have to worry about whether your ornaments will “go” with the tree’s color scheme, because it features all the colors. To add to that, we believe kids will love it too.

According to its manufacturer, Treetopia, this “rainbow Christmas tree elicits smiles and radiates pure happiness with its vibrant appearance. Spiraling with a plethora of colors, this tree requires no lights to wow a crowd.” Truer words have never been spoken.


The tree is available for $239.99 on Amazon, and shipping and the white tree stand are included in the prize.



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