This Couple Had The Best Response When They Found Out Their Photos Were Stolen By A Twitter Account


“We are LESBIANS.”

Alexa and Noemi have been a couple for more than a year, and have started merging their financial lives, too: When the ladies designed their custom Wells Fargo debit cards, they chose photos of the two of them together—”so we always think about each other’s needs when it comes to spending our money,” Alexa told Buzzfeed.

In May, Noemi tweeted a picture of their cards, eliciting comments like, “This is the cutest shit I have ever seen.”

But over the weekend, another Twitter user posted Alexa and Noemi’s image, claiming it was of them and their boyfriend.

Twitter users immediately tried to correct the misgendering (and, you know, the whole stealing-someone-else’s-photo thing).

It’s not clear who operates @Relationship, which boasts more than 134,000 followers and posts everything from news stories and spiritual musings to memes and product placements.

But when Alexa and Noemi were alerted to the hijacking, they set the record (not so) straight, tweeting, “um, this is my gf and i and we are LESBIANS.”


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