This Is The REAL Reason Straight Women Prefer Lez Movies


Straight ladies who love lesbian porn: You’re not alone.

So, your boyfriend isn’t around tonight and you’re feeling kind of frisky. You decide to turn on your laptop and venture onto your favorite porn site. It’s cool, we all have our faves.

However, here comes the interesting part, you’re not looking for your average girl on guy grind — it’s the girl on girl that tweaks your curiosity.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, women are 132 percent more likely to search lesbian porn than men are.

“Porn is a safe way to realize what turns you on,” says sex therapist Megan Fleming, Ph.D. “But it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to do it in real life.”

Just because you’re into lesbian porn does not mean that you are attracted to women. Male/female porn doesn’t always focus on what turns a woman on; there is too much going on and majority of the time the main event is fellatio. Yay for guys, nay for girls. Females usually want stimulation prior to intercourse (i.e., oral sex), but men don’t always take the time to add a warm-up session to playtime.

“In lesbian porn, there is really a focus on oral and clitoral stimulation as the main event,” says Fleming. “And since this is typically what gets most women off anyway, it’s no wonder this is what you like to see on the screen.”

ABC News did a study that showed that 75 percent of women never reach an orgasm from intercourse alone. Knowing that, it’s more easily believed that women who strive for climax will focus more on oral/clitoral stimulation.

In straight porn, as shallow as this may sound, the guys are beefy-looking (and for the most part, unattractive) and have these unrealistically large male parts. That image doesn’t really do much for the imaginative mind of a woman who’s hot and bothered.

Theoretically, porn is supposed to satisfy ones’ needs — have a “happy” ending — and straight porn is more geared toward men’s fantasies. Lesbian porn is more sensual, slow, and obviously geared toward female pleasures. Hence why it would make sense that women would prefer it to straight porn.

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“In straight porn, there’s usually cunnilingus but it’s only for, like, two seconds, and then they move onto something else,” says EJ Dickson from The Daily Dot. “But in lesbian porn it’s pretty much the main event. And considering that [receiving oral sex] is basically the only way I come, it’s no contest for me what I’d rather watch.”

Many women would agree that straight porn seldom focuses on female oral stimulation. Men get what they want and the women necessarily don’t. Fellatio takes up at least seven minutes of screen time. How is that supposed to turn a woman on? Shocker: It doesn’t.

Straight porn portrays scenes of vulgarity and heavy thrusting. Lesbian porn, on the other hand, often includes two good-looking women taking care of one another’s needs in a way that is both appealing to women and men. More straight women are into that because of the idea of taking it slow.


Today, for a straight woman to be into lesbian porn is not all that strange, nor does it make you gay or bisexual. Women have sexual needs just as men do. And just as men watch porn, women do too. Women should not be embarrassed to admit that their porn preference is girl on girl.

“It’s hard to define a person by one thing that arouses them,” says Jenny from Cosmopolitan. “It’s too diverse and complex for that.”

This story by Loren Trapanese originally appeared on YOURTANGO

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