This Woman’s $900 Tampon Removal Horror Story Will Scare the Eff Out of You



One woman is recounting the panic she felt when she felt after fooling around with a cute guy and realizing afterward that she could no longer find the tampon inside of her.

In an essay for Elite Daily, Alexia LaFata, 22, wrote that she was attending college in Boston when, one night, she hooked up with a classmate who she was really into.

Though she was on her period, she wasn’t about to let a little menstrual issue get in the way of having fun with her crush — even though it ended up sending her to the hospital, where a doctor had to dig around inside her to pull out her lost tampon.

The drama started to unfold the morning after her ill-fated hook-up. The night before, Alexia had put in a tampon at around 9 p.m. before heading to her crush’s place, where the two got a bit hot and heavy but didn’t have sex.

In her own bathroom the next morning, she was attempting to pull out her tampon when she realized that she couldn’t find it. At first, she wasn’t too worried, and just adjusted her position and dug around further.

‘I’ve accidentally left tampons in for a long time before. Hell, I’ve even hooked up with guys with a tampon in before.

‘This was just another day in the life of a girl who likes boys and also gets a period,’ she said. ‘But then I didn’t feel a string.’

She called for her roommate Chantal, a pre-med student she hoped would have some professional insight. Chantal urged her to keep trying, leaving Alexia in tears as she ‘poked and jabbed around’ for ten minutes. She even tried doing so with a handheld mirror.

Then, her roommate asked if she was absolutely sure the tampon was still in there — which suddenly made Alexia have some doubts.

For a few moments, she was less worried that the tampon was lodged somewhere high up inside of her, and more panicked that it had slipped out and was now hidden somewhere in the sheets of her crush’s bed.

She didn’t feel like she could text him and ask, since the romance was still new and exciting — and requesting that he rummage for a used tampon in his bed wouldn’t exactly be a turn-on.

Instead, she screwed up her nerve and decided to go to the hospital.

Waiting for the doctor, Alexia started worrying again about the tampon that might still be inside her, and the possibility that she could develop Toxic Shock Syndrome.

‘Every woman has been afraid of TSS since she first learned what a period was. But if he didn’t find a tampon inside of me, that meant it was definitely, no doubt, in my crush’s bed,’ she explained.

To her, fear of the second scenario was much worse — and, half-jokingly, she reasoned that she ‘rather have TSS’ than have have her crush ‘never, ever want to see me again’ after discovering the bloody mess in his sheets.

Finally, the male doctor, whom Alexia estimated to be in his mid-30s, walked into the exam room and asked her why she was there.

‘I started rambling, in one giant, self-conscious breath: “Well, I put in a tampon last night at, like, 9 pm? And then I hooked up with this guy, and I guess he was going really hard with his fingers, so now I think he shoved it really far up in my vagina because I tried to get it out but I can’t. I can’t even see it. So it could REALLY be in there.”‘

Ever the professional, the doctor simply told her to take her pants off. Once she was dressed in a paper gown, she pulled herself up onto the table, spread her legs, and waited for the MD to get to work.

He started pushing her inner thighs apart, looking inside of her for the lost sanitary product. After a few minutes, he stuck his gloved hands inside of her, pulled, and took out the offending ‘mummified tampon’.

‘It looked exactly like I pictured: a dead rabbit’s foot,’ Alexia wrote. She asked him how high up inside of her it had been.

‘Oh, you were never going to get that yourself,’ he said. ‘It was all the way at your cervix, and the string was pretty tightly wrapped around the cotton. You must have been going at it really vigorously.’

After advising her to watch out for symptoms of TSS, he let her go. It wasn’t until a week later when she received the bill that she learned that the whole ordeal has cost her $900 — a price she said certainly wasn’t worth it, especially since she didn’t even orgasm during the hook-up.

In fact, all her worrying that the tampon would be what ended her fledgling romance was unfounded — because even though it had been inside her the whole time, she still never saw the guy again.


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